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Surrogacy in Georgia

Low-cost and legally safe surrogacy option in Eastern Europe for married couples.

We are happy to share our legally viable and most cost-effective surrogacy programs in Georgia. The Republic of Georgia has been a favorable destination for IVF with Egg Donor and Surrogacy services for a long time now. Commercial surrogacy is legal in Georgia and widely practiced procedure.

According to Georgian legislation, commissioning parents are legal parent of the child and their names comes in baby birth certificate. No surrogacy mentioned, even if Commissioning Parents use an egg donor or a sperm donor.

Commissioning Parents need to provide a signed surrogacy agreement between them and the surrogate mother, a certificate of embryo transfer into the uterus of the surrogate mother issued by the IVF clinic and a certificate of childbirth issued by the hospital to initiate the process of baby exit.

To be eligible for surrogacy in Georgia, the commissioning parents should be married heterosexual couples.

Georgia surrogacy offers most trusted, experienced, affordable and all-inclusive IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy Services in Georgia. All our egg donors and surrogate mothers are healthy and medically screened and eager to help prospective parents to become parents.

We are partnered with one of the most Elite IVF Clinic in Tbilisi. Our IVF Clinic did exceptionally well over the years with outstanding success rate and latest state-of-art medical facilities.

We have most experienced and professionally oriented local surrogacy agency who are fully equipped and ready to assist you in becoming parents. Our local team in Tbilisi will be happy to meet you at the airport and guide you through the surrogacy journey in most cared and enthusiastic way.

As we know going through infertility and opting for a cross-border surrogacy is emotional and intimidating process itself, we are here to make your journey hassle free and enriching experience. That is why, we offer free airport pick up, drop, 4 days stay in the fully furnished modern apartment and local support to our Intended Parents during their visit to Tbilisi.

Please feel free to contact us to know more about our low-cost surrogacy in Georgia. Your parenthood journey starts with a first single step and that is – Contact Us!

The advantage of surrogacy in the Republic of Georgia
  • Commercial surrogacy is allowed since 1997, thus, the right of IPs are well protected.
  • Good pool of healthy and prove egg donors, Caucasian and Asian egg donors.
  • Low-cost surrogacy options are available.
  • Consent of the surrogate mother is not required for registration of the birth certificate.
  • Plenty of young and healthy surrogate available with no waiting list.
  • Name of Commission parent comes in the baby birth certificate, no surrogacy mentioned.
  • Georgian law is clear that the gestational carrier has no parental rights over the child and she has no ability to keep the child, thus making Intended Parents legal parent of the baby right after conceptions of the baby.


Why Choose Us?

We provide start to- end support which includes but not limited to-
  • Most affordable yet trusted surrogacy solutions with flexibility.
  • Medical assistance like IVF-ICSI coordination before
  • Egg donor and surrogate mother recruitments and coordination.
  • Local support on arrival for IVF and at the time of baby pick up.
  • Providing visa assistance.
  • Airport picks up/drop and coordinating all visits to the IVF Clinic.
  • Guide and support for documentation for baby exit process.
  • Hotel booking support/local support during the visit.
  • 4 days accommodation in the fully furnished modern apartment.
  • Guaranteed baby surrogacy programs available.
  • References from existing IPs available.


Here’s what just some of our clients have said

On April 18th, my wife Laura and I were fortunate enough to have a daughter born via surrogacy in India. From what we are told, she will be one of the last if the ban on commercial surrogacy for foreigners put in place last year is not reversed. Read More

C & L ( USA)

Hoping to have wonder babies, we initiated the process with Neelam at IVF Conceptions. Her warm concerns and dedicated helps drive this process moving through frustrated change of surrogacy policy in India. Read More


Baby exit process for UK couples is always time consuming process and it takes a lot of documentations and diligent participation from all parties to have a successful exit process.Read More

J.A (UK)

We are so glad to inform about arrival of twins for our single Intended Parent..  This was his first attempt with Asian egg donor and he was successful in first round of embryos transfer with twins.Read More

JL (Singapore)

We are so happy and announce birth of little baby girl S to our Sweden couples. They have been lucky to have baby on first attempt with donor eggs. Almost a year ago, you helped us to start our parenthood journey. Read More

HS (Sweden)

Thank you so much for yours help. You have put us in safe hands. Baby A and us are going back to US on Saturday early morning. Baby A is so cute and we are thinking of having her brother after a year. We will let you know when we are leaving Russia.


We were VERY happy with the services we received from IVF conceptions and have already recommended to others. Being international patients, we had many questions and concerns before coming to India. We had 24/7 service via email and text and they accommodated our every need even post service. Thank you for making our wishes come true!Read More

SS (Canada)

First, let me say that we would gladly recommend Neelam as an agent for surrogacy.  We are a UK based couple and have been trying to conceive for some six years. Read More


I hope you are well. Thank you so much for the regular updates naturally we are delighted with how things are progressing. I still think about our time in India and it was lovely spending time with you and getting to know you better too.

EZ (India)

Thank you so much for everything. You are a really nice and caring person and make everything so easy for me… I really appreciate all you do!!

KP (Thailand)

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Fertility and Surrogacy Services in Georgia-

  • Our services include IVF-ICSI, Egg Donations, Embryo Donation, PGD, and Surrogacy Services for married couples.
  • All Intended Parents are entitled to obtain fertility treatments with help of Assisted Reproduction Technologies or Third Party Reproductive assistance.
  • Sperm donation and egg donations are allowed but are anonymous.
  • Freezing of eggs/sperms/embryos is allowed.
  • Surrogacy agreement is allowed between the Intended Parents and Surrogate mother before embryos transfer to gestational carrier.
  • No age limit for fertility treatment services.

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