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Georgia Surrogacy Agency free consultation will provide you with a comprehensive overview of IVF treatment and surrogacy process-

  • Legal requirement for individual case, country wise
  • IVF and Surrogacy Fee review, country wise
  • Choosing suitable fertility clinics
  • Surrogate selection process
  • Egg Donor Selection process
  • Travel and logistic support

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Frequently asked Questions

When would parents need to come for IVF and how long would parents need to be there for?

For male partner, first trip can be -4-5 days long, this would include giving 2 sample of sperms (for freezing or for doing fresh cycle) contract signing and visiting medical team and local coordinator. It is required to have at least 2 samples of semen during this visit.  If you are heterosexual couples and female partner is using her own eggs (self-cycling), then they she need to stay almost 2 weeks to complete the stimulation and egg pick up process.

Is it possible for parents to request that we'd prefer to have twins?

Generally, the preparation of surrogate mother is same, and 2-4 A good embryos are transferred to her uterus in hope of implantation.  Now, if 1 or 2 embryos implant and grow, this is pure luck.

How many embryos are implanted at once?

The doctor would consult with you in advance- however, at most 1-2 embryos of A- grade are implanted, in case, you have additional good embryos, that will be freezed for future use.  Each country has specific laws for number of embryos transfer in surrogate mother, so you can confirm it with your follow up manager well in advance.

What is the chance of having twins?

With IVF, there is more probability of having twins, generally out of 5 successful IVF, one can be twins!

However, in case of 3 triplets growing, selective fetus reduction is done to avoid health issues in babies and surrogate mother.

Could you also send us a quick summary of timelines?

Once you select the egg donor, then we can move in approx. 4-6 weeks, this is the minimum time it takes to prepare and synchronize donor and surrogate properly. In case you are self-cycling, our coordinator will assist you in term of planning and arrival so that female partner cycle can be matched with surrogate mother.