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10 Reasons to go Abroad to do Fertility Treatments

Home » Blog » 10 Reasons to go Abroad to do Fertility Treatments

10 Reasons to go Abroad to do Fertility Treatments

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The sharp rise in fertility treatments aboard gives a clear indication that there are massive benefits beckoning intending moms and dads as compare to fertility treatment done in their home country. Cost effective medical tourism along with leisurely activity has many benefits to offer to fertility seekers.

Typically the following are the advantages of opting for fertility services abroad:

1.     Cost Effective Options to Consider

Overseas fertility procedure is frequently much cheaper compared to the ones available at home country. Fertility treatment costs inside the US and within the UK are really higher. In comparison, you might have the same treatment, with typically the same quality in Oriental countries like India, Cambodia, Thailand Laos, or Nepal in a much lower value. The cost of reproductive treatments in these countries is cheap enough to help make the added spendings on travel plus accommodation worthwhile. So, Low-cost fertility treatment is the primary source of attraction for the prospective fertility seeker.

2.     No Waiting List

One of the added advantages of the oversea fertility treatment is no waiting list at all.  Most of the western countries there is a long waiting list to avail the affordable fertility treatment.  Thus fertility treatment seeker can contact the oversea fertility services to start their IVF program as soon as they want.

3.     World-class Medical Facility with Advanced Technology Available

Low-cost IVF-ICSI  does not mean that the quality of the services or the credential of the fertility doctor is substandard.  The medical technology at par with most of the western countries and even better than it.  The privately run IVF Clinics offer affordable IVF treatment with much better quality and experience.  The low cost is due to the fact that professional fee of the doctor, medicine fee and overall charges are low as compared to western countries.

4.     Legal Favorability

There are many countries where legal framework is much easier to the fertility seeker. The legislative framework regulating fertility services, have clear guidelines and adhering to those will be beneficial for both the Intended Parents and the service provider. There are countries where IVF services are only offered to married couples, but again there are other options for the same-sex couple seeking fertility treatments.

5.     Egg Donation Options Available

In many nations around the world, the law supports ovum donation and thus making egg donor readily available. In almost 40% of IVF cases, the egg donor is recommended.  Thus, having many good egg donors available to Intended Parents, help them to choose their best egg donor. It also gives them best possible chances of success where the female partner cannot produce good and fertile eggs.

6.     The High Success Rate in IVF Procedure

A high success rate is one of the most important factors to choose an IVF Clinic.  It goes without saying that third world countries are continually procedure IVF success rate which is almost same as western countries.  This is due to the availability of good academic training and hand on experience and advanced technical supporting staff.

7.     Facility of Sperm/ Eggs/ Embryos Freezing

Some countries have facilities to be able to cryopreserve embryos, eggs and sperm, which can be used in future to have baby/babies. The frozen embryos can be kept for years without affecting the quality and fertility.  If Intended Parents want, they can use it later or can donate surplus embryos for scientist studies.

8.     Legal Gestational Carrier options Available

There are countries where the legal and social system supports surrogacy and egg donation. Due to commercial surrogacy and Low-cost surrogacy availability, it is a great boon to the fertility seeker.  Besides this, egg donor and surrogate mothers are adequately compensated for typically the time and effort they put within. So, it is a win-win situation for all.

9. Facility of Genetic Testing like PGD is Available

Overseas fertility providers might also offer the services of Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), a screening of which can find genetic conditions and abnormalities in the embryos.  It also helps to find the gender of the baby, if needed.  Gender selection is legally allowed in few countries.

10.  Experienced and Committed Service Providers

When it comes to fertility treatments especially egg donation and gestational carrier, it is very important to have someone who has experience and knowledge in this domain.  As such cross-border surrogacy comes with huge financial and emotional enterprise, finding a trusted and honest surrogacy agency is the primary focus.  The team who is fully professional, dedicated and ready to be flexible is a great help and can make parenthood journey a hassle free and enriching experience.

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