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Embryo Transfer for our Philippines Intended Parents

Home » Blog » Embryo Transfer for our Philippines Intended Parents

Embryo Transfer for our Philippines Intended Parents

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We just completed IVF with egg donation for one of our lovely couples from Asia.  As becoming parents via natural conceptions is getting difficult for many couples, IVF with ICSI and egg donation program can help such couples. As embryos transfer is done for our IP, we look forward to having a successful outcome for them.

You will find millions of couples in this world that are desperate to be called parents. For many, their desires shatter because of the several tries to get pregnant.  All couples have their own reason for the unsuccessful conception. Together with the help of sophisticated science and technology, nearly all of the couples can achieve parenthood through IVF.

Surrogate Mother Process,

IVF/ICSI stands for In-Vitro Fertilization with Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injections and it is a very successful Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to cure infertility. Inside ICSI an experienced embryologist picks up a healthy single sperm cell and drives it into the cytoplasm of a full-grown egg under a curated environment in a laboratory. This process enhances the chances of the fertilization.

IVF with an Egg Donor

A woman’s reproductive success is directly associated with the eggs she produces. A new woman is born with a lifetime supply of premature eggs, which will be produced by her through the ovulation cycles throughout the woman life until she gets to menopause. The number of eggs keeps on lowering with age.

Age is something you can’t control and so is fertility. Along with increasing age, quality and quantity of eggs begin decreasing and goes significantly low after the age group of 40. Fertility is at its peak in early and mid-twenties. IVF treatment procedures can help infertile couples to attain parenthood but when the quality or quantity of eggs in women partner is not sufficient then it impacts the success rate of IVF cycle.

The idea of late marriage and late family planning put women at a likelihood of failed conceptions. Substandard quality and a limited quantity of eggs not only create problems in naturally getting pregnant but may also cause IVF failures. Poor quality eggs mean, poor quality embryos, which often may lead to, been unsuccessful implantation or a losing the unborn baby.

Egg donation is the most suitable treatment option for women who are unable to conceive with their own eggs because of decreasing ovarian reserve. In such cases, egg donation plays an important role as only high-quality eggs are chosen which can form much healthier embryos. It has helped many women to overcome infertility and conceive successfully.

We look forward to having a positive outcome for this Intended Parents and look forward to assisting many more!

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