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8 Reasons to Consider Surrogacy for Realizing Your Parenthood Dreams

Home » Blog » 8 Reasons to Consider Surrogacy for Realizing Your Parenthood Dreams

8 Reasons to Consider Surrogacy for Realizing Your Parenthood Dreams

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Surrogacy stands out as the best possible option in instances where the woman is unable to carry the child. There may be an array of medical reasons making it difficult for the woman to carry her pregnancy or it can be a personal decision for opting out for a gestational carrier. There are set of some medical reasons which can put you in a predicament to choose surrogacy to achieve your parenting dream.  Beside this, gay men choose surrogate mothers to complete their family.

Repeated Miscarriages

Repeated miscarriages will be really demotivating and can be difficult since you may lose the hope of having a baby. If you have a background of repeated miscarriages, you may need a surrogate mother to carry your child for a successful pregnancy. In case of where the reason for miscarriage is not known, the IVF doctor advises using a surrogate mother to give best possible chances to have the baby.

When Hysterectomy done

If you have undergone a hysterectomy because of any health concerns like uterine fibroids or Uterus. Cancer, and so forth resulting in the removal of the uterus, it becomes mandatory to use another lady to realize the dream of having the baby.

To avoid Passing on the Genetic Disorder

If any of the partners are struggling with genetic issues, there are chances of handling it on your kids. In such cases to avoid genetic disorders to on to your children, surrogacy can be a good option.

Complicated Earlier Pregnancies

Child bearing can be very difficult and traumatic for some female, especially if some medical condition exists. If you have experienced serious problems in your previous pregnancies putting you and your child’s life at a risk, you might go for surrogacy as a safer option.  HIgh risk pregnancy can be avoided by opting for a surrogate mother.

Unknown Infertility

Infertility may seem to be an apparent reason to consider surrogacy in some cases. However, the first option in infertility situations can be IVF or other such techniques of assisted reproduction. Just in case all of these fails and the reports suggest that you won’t be able to carry the child to the full term, you may need a surrogate to keep the pregnancy for you.

Existing Health Issues

If you have any serious health Problem like heart problem, diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure or thyroid, which make pregnancy very risky, it is good to consider surrogacy as the alternate option.

Lifestyle and Professional Commitment

If female partner is at the high stressed professional environment and continually travel, it can be difficult for her to restrict herself for a long time.   In some cases, women choose a surrogate to avoid unnecessary health issues that come with a demanding job where it is not possible to take a break for starting a family.  It can be difficult to choose professional over family, but it is a reality now day.

For Gay Men to Start the Family

For LGBT community, especially for gay men having a surrogate mother is the only way of becoming the parent.  They can also opt their female relative to help and support them.  But gay surrogacy is one of the most commonly used surrogacy services.

When choosing a surrogate mtoher, a expereinced and trusted surrogacy agency play a vital role. We have been assisting prospective Intended Parents worldwide since last 8+ years.  With our in-depth knowledge in this domain, desire and deaddiction to help, we are fully equipped to assist you to become parent via surrogacy services.  No matter what specific requirement you have, we are flexible enough to assist and make your parenthood journey possible.

We look forward to be part of your parenthood journey.

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