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Guaranteed Baby Program

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Guaranteed Baby Program

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Probably the most difficult situation of being infertile is having to deal with the uncertainty of an IVF or reproductive cycle!

While life is often uncertain, and medicine can never offer exact precision, this uncertainty means the process is extremely stressful for many couples. Sometime even multiple IVF Cycle may be required to achieve the parenthood involving huge finance and emotional support.

As it is there is no health-related risk while undergoing IVF treatment in reputed IVF Clinic. The major risk is financial and emotional. Many intended parents would be willing to accept the monetary risk if they could reduce the emotional downside – if they could be assured that they will get a baby after investing all the time, money and energy in reproductive treatment demands.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to promise a successful IVF cycle on the first attempt, but we can guarantee high-quality medical facility, absolute dedication, and patient guidance during the fertility journey. Thus, expectations are always met and there are no unexpected surprises during our relationship with our intended parents.

Most of our intended parents who had or are having a Surrogacy/Egg Donation Program are successful in 1-3 embryos transfer attempt. However, to maintain the expectation and give the clear picture to IPs, we advise what can go wrong and be prepared for it.

IVF has a limited success rate. You may need to be financially and emotionally ready for further fresh IVF Cycles or embryos transfers, if required. The Guaranteed baby program, exactly offer this. In this program, in one-time payment, Intended Parents are sure to get baby, no matter how many IVF Cycles or embryos transfer is needed.

Attending to the needs of the Intended Parents, we can offer a surrogacy with egg donation program with multiple IVF attempts and embryos transfer in surrogate mothers. We have created an impressive Guaranteed Baby Program that ensures the intending parents with the surety of having baby, no matter how many trials of IVF required. Such assurance is not common with other infertility treatments.

There are many IPs who prefer to Guarantee Baby Programs. Such program can give value for money and peace of mind to nervous IPs, who are more worried about the outcome of surrogacy services as they know IVF does not give 100% guarantee in the first attempt.

This program not only save money and give peace of mind but can give a sense of assurance to prospective parents that their IVF Clinic will do very best to give results and keep trying multiple times, till they have a baby successfully.

To give offer a guaranteed baby program- with multiple attempts IVF Clinics will put certain condition as well.

General Eligibility Criteria for guaranteed program

1. Only for those parents who are looking for IVF with Egg Donor and Surrogacy
2. Male partner should have a reasonably good semen analysis report.
3. Many fertile and already proven egg donor profiles would be given IVF Clinic so that you can choose perfect egg donor.

Cost of Guarantee Baby Program

Guaranteed Baby Program total fee would be 55, 000 USD and it covers unlimited attempts of IVF until the baby is born. Therefore, the program fee includes:

• Egg Donor recruitment, selection and then screening by the doctor

• Agency fee for the egg donor

• Egg donor medical exams and her stimulation ( preparation for the IVF)

• Egg Donor compensation

• IVF (in vitro fertilization) as many attempts as would be needed

• Embryo freezing and storage

• Surrogate mother recruitment, selection and then screening by the doctor

• Surrogate mother compensation

• Surrogate mother monthly allowance ( for good nutrition and vitamins to ensure she has good care during pregnancy and gets all necessary vitamins )

• Embryo transfer fee paid to a surrogate mother ( upon transferring the embryos)

• Pregnancy care ( visit clinic according to doctor medical protocol, regular check-ups, standard medicines prescribed during pregnancy)

• The baby delivery fee at the delivery hospital (paid directly to the maternity clinic)

• Surrogate mother supervision by our specially assigned Pregnancy Care Coordinator for the entire period of the pregnancy ( 9 months) : this includes making sure the surrogate mother visits the clinic on time, unexpected visits to surrogate mother at home for check-up, being available for the surrogate mother for 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for her questions and assistance during pregnancy

• Notary fee for signing the contract between you and a surrogate mother, as well as the egg donor

• Meeting you at the airport upon your arrival

• Free accommodation for four days upon initial arrival for providing sperm for IVF procedure

• Full dedication, support, and professional care

Eligibility for the program

• The sperm medical results of a genetic father need to be confirmed by the doctor

• She surrogate mother and egg donor is suggested by our agency

Please contact our client manager to know more about your specific case. Thank you!!